Case study

Customized POS Software Development For Retail Business


Our client is a top consignment company in Georgia, one of the oldest in the state. Established in 1991, the client's business was fast-growing and was looking for an upgrade of their legacy software.

Their business already had a legacy POS system, but it was outdated and wasn't performing well for their business growth. The client also requested that the new POS software incorporate some new features.


Several years ago, another company developed legacy software for the client. We were asked to develop a custom online POS system for our client.

Our client chose 4 Ace Technologies to develop their Online School's Learning Management System (LMS).

Our business analysts worked with our development team to develop POS software with the new features. We gathered the client's needs, analyzed the existing legacy POS system, and reviewed the existing functionality in detail. We tested the POS software, migrated the database from the legacy software to the new POS software, and released the final product.


4 Ace Technologies selected a dedicated development team to work within the mixed delivery model for this project.

In the three years since we started collaborating, 4 Ace Technologies dedicated development team has grown to over 30 professionals divided into sub-teams focusing on various tasks, including back end, front end, testing, R&D, and quality assurance. There is a development team, a business analyst team, a quality assurance engineering team, and a project manager. There's also a Scrum Master in each team who handles the Scrum-based development.

We opted for the Scrum development methodology with sprints to provide frequent updates to the client. We performed on an incremental product build-up with the flexibility necessary to see each team member's contribution and for an early go-to-market. The Scrum-based project flow and communication is arranged as follows:

Customized POS Software Development For Retail Business


Our client has achieved enormous business growth with the custom online POS software built by 4 Ace Technologies. As a result, the client can now view numerous detailed reports and improve operational efficiency while reviewing their core customer base.

We built a custom point-of-sale solution that our client loves. The client's POS was upgraded to a fully-functional Point-of-Sale application, which provided more detailed reports and inventory analysis tools.