Case study

Social Media Network Web & Mobile App Development


As a social networking startup, inquireaboutme ( offers a freeway for people to share their professional and personal references. By using the platform, users can see and hear what others have to say about a person, business, university, or organization before deciding.

The user can upload videos, pictures, and blogs to showcase their personal, business, university, or organization achievements or apply for a job, membership, or college.

An idea was all the customer had that needed to be turned into a reality. Using the latest technologies, they aimed to develop the next version of their product to an MVP stage and make it a useful platform for web and mobile social media apps. Our customer required a reliable software development partner to develop and execute the product development strategy. Customer collaborated with 4 Ace Technologies because of our expertise in Agile development and track record in software development services.


4 Ace Technologies was chosen as a technology and software development partner to provide a full spectrum of custom software development services, from IT consulting to software product development to quality assurance, then ongoing system maintenance and enhancement after deployment.

We have implemented the following solutions and processes over four years of intensive collaboration:

  • social media networking web platform
  • mobile app development for Android and iOS
  • Video live streaming architecture and development
  • administrator panel
  • DevOps setup
  • Agile process optimization for distributed teams


This project used a mixed delivery model involving a dedicated development team.

After four years of collaboration, 4 Ace Technologies development center now employs dozens of professionals divided into sub-teams, including back end, front end, research and development, quality assurance, and more. A team of developers, business analysts, quality assurance engineers, and a project manager. A Scrum Master in each team also handles Scrum-based development.

We chose the Scrum development methodology with sprints to provide frequent updates to our clients. We built a product incrementally with the flexibility needed to see each team member's contribution and for an early launch. Project communication and flow were structured as follows:

Social Media Network Web & Mobile App Development


Our team of software developers at 4 Ace Technologies has been supporting the social media networking platform's growth and digital transformation for over four years. We have developed both front-end and back-end solutions for social media networking software.

In addition to increasing their user registrations and improving their business processes, these technological solutions also enabled the platform to expand into the social network space.