Case study

LMS Development for an Online School


Our client is an online school in the US operating since 1999. The company was also recognized as a fast-growing, privately-held business in the Education Technology industry.

To achieve one of the most significant milestones in the United States, the client's company helps students overcome social, economic, family, and health barriers. Students can pursue many options through their online program, including credit recovery and advanced placement. Student demographics at our school include public and private high schools and home schools.

Over 400 high schools use the client's platform to provide over 175 courses to students. The client is a fully accredited online school that provides NCAA-approved courses.

We developed an LMS for our client, enabling students to access all their courses on a single, easy-to-use platform.


Our client chose 4 Ace Technology as their exclusive software development partner to develop their Learning Management System (LMS).

Compliance with the SCORM standard ensures that the Learning Management System (LMS) tools can be accessed anywhere.

Students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and LMS administrators can all log in to the Learning Management System using five different logins.

Students can also make online payments for courses they are interested in enrolling in using the payment gateway. During the registration process, students can browse the courses that interest them. The school has also integrated a payment voucher feature so students can enroll in courses using vouchers given to them by the school.

We integrated a time limit feature, which allows the user to take the course within a certain period.

Our unique Randomization feature allows us to automatically assign specific questions and tests to students, thus reducing plagiarism to a great extent.

Several reports have been developed so that LMS administrators can view various reports such as payments records, enrollment records, student progress records, transcripts, student grade records, etc.


To provide frequent updates to our client, we used the Scrum development methodology within our team.

In addition to sprint planning and review meetings, we conduct online meetings with key decision-makers at the customer. We make use of Agile methodologies to facilitate this collaboration.


Our client has achieved great success with the new Learning Management System.

The client received accreditations and credibility from the US education authorities by implementing a robust, secure, fully functional LMS.

Like the Inc. 5000 and Dallas 100 Awards, other prominent platforms also recognized the client.

School administrators and teachers can monitor student progress with the cloud-based learning management system. Students love it, parents love it, and parents get updates on their child's performance.

We have seen our client grow substantially as a business due to the learning management system.